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IDSP Team Details

Central Surveillance Unit - HR (Office Staff) updated as on 25.10.2021
S. No. Name Designation Office Phone No. E-mail
1 Dr. Sujeet Kumar Singh Director, HOD & NPO (IDSP) 23913148 idsp-npo[at]nic[dot]in
2 Dr. Himanshu Chauhan Joint Director and Officer Incharge (IDSP) 23935530 himanshu[dot]chauhan[at]nic[dot]in
3 Dr. Saurabh Goel Joint Director 23946529 drsaurabhgoel26[at]gmail[dot]com
4 Dr. Sanket Kulkarni Joint Director 23932290 sanket[dot]kulkarni[at]gov[dot]in
5 Dr. Pranay Verma Joint Director   drpranay[dot]idsp[at]gmail[dot]com  
6 Dr. Jyoti Joint Director   dr[dot]jyoti[at]gov[dot]in
7 Dr. Dhara B. Shah Assistant Director (Microbiology)   dbshah[dot]ncdc[at]gmail[dot]com/ dharab[dot]shah[at]ncdc[dot]gov[dot]in
8 Ms. Meenakshi Sharma Senior Statistical Officer   mini77sharma[at]yahoo[dot]com
9 Mr. Sachin Kumar Singh Senior Statistical Officer   sachin[dot]dgsnd[at]gov[dot]in
10 Mr. N. C. Sharma Research Assistant   ncsharma1968[at]gmail[dot]com
11 Mr. Vikas Lochav Insect Collector    
12 Mr. Sompal Lab Attendant    
13 Dr. Sandeep Goyal Assistant Director    ssandeep[dot]goyal[at]gmail[dot]com
14 Dr. Daisy Panna Consultant (Epidemiologist)   daisypanna[at]gmail[dot]com
15 Dr. Samar Raesa Hossain Consultant (Epidemiologist)   drsamar[dot]idsp[at]gmail[dot]com
16 Dr. Vinita Gupta Consultant (Epidemiologist)   vinita[dot]idsp[at]gmail[dot]com
17 Dr. Rowanti Neha Bage Consultant (Epidemiologist)   bagerowantiidsp[at]gmail[dot]com
18 Dr. Preeti Prakash Consultant (Epidemiologist)   preetinarayan[dot]pp[at]gmail[dot]com
19 Dr. Harshima Sawlani Consultant (Epidemiologist)   drharshipsm2017[at]gmail[dot]com
20 Dr. Chitrangada Mistry Consultant (Epidemiologist)   chitra[dot]m990[at]gmail[dot]com
21 Dr. Akashdeep Sharma Consultant (Epidemiologist)   drakashidsp[at]gmail[dot]com
22 Dr. Varun Singh Consultant (Epidemiologist)   varunn1992[at]gmail[dot]com
23 Dr. Niraj Kumar Consultant (Epidemiologist)   gopiniraj[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
24 Dr. Ezhilarasan S Consultant (Epidemiologist)   ezhilarasanidsp[at]gmail[dot]com
25 Dr. Smita Singhal Consultant (Microbiologist)   smitasinghal[at]gmail[dot]com
26 Dr. Supriya Gambhir Consultant (Microbiologist)   drsupriyaa[at]gmail[dot]com/ drsupriya[dot]idsp[at]gmail[dot]com
27 Dr. Sarika Tiwari Consultant (Microbiologist)   s23tiwari[at]gmail[dot]com
28 Dr. Pallavi Deol Consultant (Veterinary)   pallavi[dot]deol[at]gmail[dot]com
29 Ms. Pallavi Luthra Consultant (IT) 23992206 idsp-cit[at]nic[dot]in
30 Mr. Ajay Kumar Consultant (IT) 23992206 idsp-dpa[at]nic[dot]in
31 Mr. Prasun Sharma Consultant (IT) 23992206 prasunshar[at]gmail[dot]com
32 Mr. Indranil Chakravartti Consultant (Finance) 20836058 idsp-cfn[at]nic[dot]in 
33 Ms. Kalpna Consultant (Finance) 20836058 kalpnasorot[at]gmail[dot]com
34 Ms. Ritu Malik Consultant (GIS) 23992206 ritumalik72[at]gmail[dot]com
35 Ms. Surbhi Tiwari Communication Officer 23946029 surbhi[dot]idsp[at]gmail[dot]com
36 Mr. V.K. Saxena Programmer cum Admin 23992206 vksidsp[at]gmail[dot]com
37 Ms. Sujata Malhotra Data Manager 23992206 idsp-dmit[at]nic[dot]in
38 Ms. Isha Gupta Training Manager 23992206 ishancdc446[at]gmail[dot]com
39 Ms. Bhawna Rani Accounts Officer 20836058 Bhawna0099[at]gmail[dot]com
40 Ms. Nidhi Daur PA to NPO 23909229 nidhidaur[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
41 Ms. Pooja Arora  Media Scanning  Assistant  23946029 poojaarora[dot]idsp[at]gmail[dot]com 
42 Mr. Rohit Rana Data Processing Assistant 23992206 rrana22[dot]idsp[at]gmail[dot]com
43 Mr. Nitin Chandra Pandey Data Processing Assistant   nitinpandeyidsp[at]gmail[dot]com
44 Ms. Radha Administrative Consultant 23992206 radha[dot]idspdelhi[at]gmail[dot]com
45 Mr. Monu Kumar DEO (Outsourcing) 20836058 monupalhera[at]gmail[dot]com
46 Mr. Girish Bisht DEO (Outsourcing) 20836058 girishbisht40[at]gmail[dot]com
47 Mr. Rohit Kumar DEO -cum- Office Assistant  (Outsourcing)   rkmrohit1989[at]gmail[dot]com
48 Mr. Kamal Singh Negi Multi Tasking Staff (Outsourcing)